Phoenix | Studios was founded by Rob and Vikki in 2015 when, after almost a lifetime of working together on mini projects, they thought that the time was right to create their own little haven in the film and visual effects space. They were lucky enough to be approached by the Phoenix Resource Centre who wanted their help to regenerate Harlow Town Centre, and collaborate with them on their community projects. This gave them the space to build the infinity curved green screen studio from scratch; everything in the studio was lovingly hand crafted by Rob, Vikki and a small group of professionals. Yep, impressive!


To make our mark on the film industry and community threefold;

1.  Aid and educate individuals from schools and local community groups on all aspects of filming on a green screen to develop their skills regardless of all cultural barriers

2. Work with local business to educate them on green screen use to develop their skills, and aid their growth, through their new ability to create new content/film material

3. To collaborate with industry bodies, and corporate organisations, on creating media for professional use and distribution

Meet the Team



Co-Founder & Director

Our first founding member, Rob as a wealth of experience in stage and film. In fact, we wouldn’t be here without him!

Graduating with a degree in lighting design from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Rob has worked on a huge number of stage productions at, both, local and national levels. Additionally, he’s on the panel for Show Light as their student co-ordinator looking after all students attending their European conferences.

When he’s not working, which is hardly ever, Rob spends his time on his own project work, going to see yet another theatre performance, watching the next epic TV series, or sorting plans for his next big holiday.



Co-Founder & Director

When Rob asked Vikki if she wanted to be part of the Phoenix | Studios company she leapt at the chance!

A specialist in marketing graduating with a Degree and MA in History from Nottingham Trent University, Vikki is also our resident photographer, on hand to help with elements of client project work as well as help document work in the studio ‘behind the scenes’.

When she’s not working in the studio, you can find her working on her own projects, frantically bidding on more equipment on eBay, trying to book in a dinner with Rob, or making an itinerary for her next holiday.